Oct 04, 2021

IncluTech Hack

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Competition Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Skill Building


Join us to change the leading faces of the STEM and Business industry!

Are you passionate about changing the leading faces of STEM and business? Do you want to be empowered and help inspire others? We do just exactly that! IncluTech is a youth organization based on changing the leading faces of the STEM and business industry. We aim towards creating a community for females and the non-binary, to confidently speak about their passions in the STEM field, as well as to explore their interests through increased opportunities from competitions, leadership roles, workshops and so much more! 

Our Hackathons are one of just many things to look forward to! 

Wanna know more? Check out these links if you're curious: 

  • Hackathon Registration (mandatory)
    • This is mandatory! You have to let us know you're here in order to stand a chance to win a prize worth up to $3,250.
  • IncluTech Overview
    • Have some burning questions? Hopefully the overview above will help you, if not then email us: inclutech.org@gmail.com
  • Attendee Guide
    • Have some other burning questions now that you're either a participant or considering? You know what to do, just view the Attendee Guide.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

December 03 5:30PM EST

Age Range

Middle schoolers - high schoolers


In order to compete in the hackathon, hackers will need to submit/upload/link their creations. Additionally, they’ll also need to submit a 2-3 minute pitch containing how their service provides a solution to a problem. Note that coding is not a requirement, so please submit the creation in the most effective way for it to be reviewed. 

Please do that through our sign-up link!

Participation Cost

The Hackathon is completely free! 

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Coding isn’t a requirement as we will be holding introductory workshops!

Workshops outline

  1. Hackathons 101
  2. Intro to Mobile Dev with Flutter
  3. Intro to Web Dev
  4. Intro to UI/UX
  5. Intro to Prototyping
  6. Intro to Python
  7. How to Pitch
  8. Building an MVP
  9. Personal Branding and Networking

Time Commitment

No certain time commitment is needed - all hackathons must be completed within 03-05 depending on how much time you need to dedicate to your project and the complexity. 

Application Process Includes

Register for the hackathon here:  https://bit.ly/inclu-hackreg (mandatory)

Refer to the Attendee Guide: https://bit.ly/inclu-attendeeg 

Join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/F3dsEhGePC