Sep 23, 2021


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 Algebra II allows students to build on the concepts learned in both MTH007 and MTH006. Here, students will learn all about imaginary and complex numbers, systems of inequalities and will also explore logarithmic functions. Students review and expand on knowledge of trigonometric functions to understand how to solve trigonometric expressions as well as how to interpret graphs of inverse trigonometric functions. They will explore topics such as polynomial functions as well, including the rational root theorem and the fundamental theorem of algebra. The course also looks at rational expressions and functions. Finally, students also study probability distributions and take an in-depth look at the world of probability and statistics and how it can be represented with algebra (such as how to show normal distributions using equations) As a live class instructor, you work closely with the course director to instruct students across the globe! Using presentations created by the course director, you run regular weekly classes and grade student work on quizzes and other assignments. As a self-paced class instructor, you regularly check different quizzes in the course and grade the work of students who have been assigned to you. You also help them as needed via email and communicate regularly if you see that they are falling behind in the course.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

October 2021

Age Range

From 13 and above

Participation Cost


Time Commitment

The time commitment is:

 Live class instructor: Grade work and run a live class each week, approx 1.5hrs per week

Self-paced class instructor: Grade work, approx. 1hr per week