Sep 17, 2021

Dear Zine Project

  • Yuna Bae
  • Worldwide
Club or Organization


This Dear Zine Project aims to raise awareness of different global issues creatively through the lens of youth. Specifically, expressing personal thoughts on the specific topic and sharing stories from an international point of view quickly and in a visually appealing way. 


1) Body confidence 

2) Racism/ civil rights

3) Climate change 

4) Gender equality 

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

1 to 2 months per topic

Age Range

Any age is applicable

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

We are not only looking for creative partners who are able to participate in designing the zine, but we are also looking for people who are able to share their ideas and personal stories to help enhance the message of each zine. 

It would be very much appreciated if the applicant is genuinely passionate about the specific social issue. Creativeness is definitely what is required, but open-mindedness and communication skills are necessary to have to successfully carry out the project. 

Application Process Includes

1) If your submission is simple enough to be said and understood through email, then please contact me via email (

2) If there are any questions or multiple ideas on the project, we can hold a meeting 1:1 and discuss.

Please visit this link:, for detailed information on how the submission and meeting request will be held.