Aug 20, 2021

STEM Regionwide Leadership Opportunity

  • Founder of Rising Scientess- Hien Tran
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Multiple Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Club or Organization


Hi everyone!

My name is Hien and I’m a Year 12 student from Auckland, New Zealand. 

I’m the founder of Rising Scientess— a non-profit educational programme that encourages young girls to discover their passion in STEM! I’m from South Auckland, which isn’t that flash, but I wanted to give all younger primary school girls the exposure to science that I’ve never received but would’ve loved to. 

If you’re super into giving back to your community like me, this huge leadership opportunity is for you :)  

We currently run 2-hour sessions at our local library during the school year. 

I’m looking for regional leaders/heads who are super passionate about giving back to their local communities. You would be leading a group of about 15+ people in running the program for the current 2021-2022 school year or the 2022 school year in NZ and AU! You would be managing your local teams and team leads and would be leading many more specific roles! The most time you’ll be spending for this programme is about 3-4 hrs per week as a regional head. 

Once we have confirmed your role, I’ll let you know more about the logistics of the programme and what your role fully entails. You’ll receive resources that I’ve collated and you'll have regular catch-up meetings with me to help you run this program for your local community. 

This programme intends to also allow all leaders to give back to their local communities regardless of where they’re based. If you’re interested, fill in this form and I’ll get back to you really soon <3.

If you’re from Auckland and would like to become a local leader, leading your own teams and libraries, please fill in these parts in the form. 

I’m super excited to hear from you guys!

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

End of September

Age Range



We're designed to give everyone an opportunity to give back to their local community so you just need to have that passion and the capacity to take action. 

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

- Communication skills to younger children is a bonus to have before joining but can be developed during the course of the programme

- Organising skills

Time Commitment

3-4 hours 

Application Process Includes

- Form

- Interview