Aug 01, 2021

Game Graphic Design/ GUI (Computer Science Club.)

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Hello, my name is Georgiy and I am 15 years old. I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, however,
in 2016 I moved to Dubai and live here since then. I am interested in computer science, which is why it’s a subject I would like to major in. At the moment I know 3 programming languages:
JavaScript, Python, and HTML. I’m looking for students all around the globe in order to assemble a team and make different projects together. The goal is to make many quality projects together and create a good working team.

Am I only looking for programmers/coders?
No, art designers, user-interface designers, and game/program testers would also be important.

Do I need to know how to do graphic design before applying?

Yes,  it would be ideal for you to know how to draw objects or create a user interface before applying.

How does this work?

We work as a team, programmers program and request some objects or user interface buttons from designers and designers draw them for programmers. Then programmers ask testers to check if there are no bugs while graphic designers carry on with drawing objects/buttons for apps/games.

What will be the ideal amount of people in the club?
8-10 people would be the ideal number (Around 5-6 programmers, 2-3 art/user interface
designers, and 1-2 game/program testers)

How will we communicate?
We will hold our meetings through Zoom, but we will also communicate between our meetings through WhatsApp (or any other platform that would be easy to use so we could update each other on things or ask any sorts of questions)

How often will we have meetings?
It will depend on the difficulty of our project, but most probably we will have meetings once a month when everyone is available (during weekends)

The process in detail?
We will discuss the project together and distribute the work among every member of the club
during our Zoom meeting. After that, we will work alone, while updating each other on WhatsApp (or any other platform) and, if necessary, ask questions regarding the projects, coding, or anything else.

What is so unique about my programming club?
Unlike in any other programming club, my club’s goal is to participate in Game Jams, which is a place or a website where programmers are given a certain time (might be a day or a week) to code a game. My club will be doing different projects and games for our applications as a practice to participate in Game Jams. When we get the experience as a team, we will participate in such events and compete with other programmers. Once again, we will be using Phaser.js for that.

There is a lot to discuss and explain, so please, make sure you complete the survey below so we can chat.

Please, if you are interested, follow the link below to this survey:

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

No deadline

Age Range

Any age


Everything is listed in the description. 

Participation Cost

No cost.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Knowing how to do graphic design.

Time Commitment

Enough time to code/design/test a part that is given to you

Application Process Includes

Completing the survey in the description or emailing me for additional info.

When completing the survey make sure to include your email address or social media so I can contact you.