Jul 29, 2021

Campaign Journalist for The Local Globe

  • The Local Globe
  • Remote ("Worldwide")


The Local Globe is an organization dedicated to restoring interest in local news and civic engagement. 

Become a Campaign Journalist for The Local Globe. You’ll be tasked with investigating local news and stories in your community and writing articles about them. Most of the stories you write will relate to the campaign that The Local Globe is running at that point in time. For example, if TLG ran a Local Sustainability Campaign, a Campaign Journalist may write an article about an eco-friendly garden in their community. Your articles will be published on our website and displayed on our social media. 


- Write 1-2 articles per month, with the topics of those articles relating to the campaign that TLG is running at that point in time. 

- For each article, provide a list of sources used in MLA format 

Gather detail-rich content (interview content, direct quotes/statements, and other primary resources) to support your articles.

- Provide 2-4 photos for each article, preferably ones taken by you (Photographs taken from the internet are acceptable as well).

Note: There is no word count preference for these articles. 

If you enjoy writing content to support specific causes and want to get your name out there, this role is for you!

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range


Time Commitment

You'll generally be expected to contribute a minimum of 1-2 articles per month. The amount of time you spend writing depends on the length of your articles, but we recommend 1-2 hours per week. 

Application Process Includes

Fill out the attached Google Form to apply:


You should receive a message within 24 hours about the next steps to joining our team, so make sure to check the spam folder in your emails if you don't see an email in your main inbox.