Feb 27, 2019

CoreNet Global Academic Challenge

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The CoreNet Global Academic Challenge is a global competition that focuses on raising awareness of corporate real estate as a viable career opportunity amongst college students. The contest aims to connect local chapters and members of the association with future talent and encourage universities to include corporate real estate in their curricula.

CoreNet Global is a professional association for approximately 10,000 corporate real estate professionals in over 50 countries.
Student teams from universities and academic institutions around the world are invited to compete in this competition. Students will be asked to apply their student experiences to a real-world issue facing companies around the globe: how to attract, retain and motivate the next generation of knowledge workers.

There are three teams, with a minimum of three and a maximum of five students each, who were selected to compete onsite at the CoreNet Global Summit in Shanghai, China. This is a professional conference for over 800 corporate real estate professionals from around the world.
The winning team will be awarded $5,000 USD and an additional $5,000 USD for the team’s university to support corporate real estate education.

This competition is open to students of all disciplines pursuing a Bachelors or Masters degree at a recognized degree-awarding institution, such as a University, Grande Ecole, College or Fachhochschule, hereafter referred to as "University," on a full-time or part-time basis. Each student must be currently enrolled in classes at their host university throughout the competition, and not have more than 5 years prior professional experience.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




This competition is quite competitive. It is an international competition which opens the entries to everyone around the world and therefore increases the competitiveness.

Participation Cost


There are no entry fees but other expenses may apply to international travelling participants.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


No technical skills required but participants should have broad knowledge in problem-solving, critical thinking and enterprise skills.

Time Commitment


This event is a one off event per year but will require a substantial amount of time for preparing the submitted piece of work. This will vary depending on each team.

Application Deadline

2020 dates TBA

Application Process Includes

Interested students will be required to submit an application form and provide written responses to a variety of challenge-related questions for consideration during the team selection process in advance of the competition.


Dates from 2016/2017 for reference:

Registration Opens and Competition Materials Released – September 2016
Application Deadline – 30 November 2016
Competition Submissions Due – 31 December 2016