Jul 29, 2021

Volunteer at STEM Competition -- Odyssey of the Mind

  • Ylva Bosemark
  • USA
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership


Odyssey of the Mind is a longstanding creative problem solving competition that exists at every level from school wide to world wide. Students can become involved as early as elementary school and will integrate STEM skills with performance, arts, and history.

 Past projects have led students “to design mechanical dinosaurs, invent new factory machinery, build working vehicles, write a new chapter to Moby Dick, put a twist on classic artworks, turn Pandora’s Box into a video game, and so much more.” Challenges for 2020 include detective work, a balsa wood building challenge, and a networking performance that simulates world communications and includes pop-up advertisements and a malware. 

Our Volunteers Corner is for program organizers, trainers, and officials. It provides tools and materials to help them organize Odyssey of the Mind tournaments and training sessions throughout the world. The section is designed as a tool that specifically serves to assist in conducting Odyssey of the Mind competitions and is not for general inquiries, teams or members.

Odyssey of the Mind is made possible by approximately 20,000 volunteers worldwide. This diverse population with a variety of interests and cultures make up our worldwide family. Volunteers fulfill many roles in the program including coaching teams, helping at tournaments, judging solutions, and even running Odyssey of the Mind associations! There are important volunteer opportunities for whatever amount of time you have to give — for a day, a few weekends a year, or beyond. Thanks to the time our volunteers give of themselves Odyssey of the Mind is able to provide creative problem solving opportunities that develop the great minds of our future.

Local USA Contacts here: https://www.odysseyofthemind.com/localcontacts/ 

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