Jul 27, 2021

[Crimson ECL] FRIDAY MINGLE - Crimson Vietnam Community ++ (This Friday, 30/07/2021)

  • Christine
  • Remote (Vietnam)


Dear our beloved Crimson family in Vietnam,

Whether you are a Student, Mentor, EduCo, Strategist, Crimson Vietnam Office Staff or friends of friends of Crimson Vietnam, you are cordially and friendly invited to our first (and definitely not the last) Friday Mingle Event. We hope to create a place where our Vietnam region community (and friends) can mingle, be connected, bonding or just chill out after a busy week on a regular basis. There will be warm-up games, individual games or team up games to help you relax and relax and relax... Register and mark the date in your calendar, see you soon!

Friday Mingle - Crimson Vietnam Community++

  • When: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (Friday, 30th July 2021) GMT+7
  • Where: Google Meet (we will send the link to join prior to the meeting)
  • Who to join: Crimson family in Vietnam and their friends
  • What to wear: Eyeglasses if you need them.
  • What to bring: A smartphone device and a laptop/desktop.
  • What to hold: A glass of your favourite beverage and snack.
  • What to expect: fun, bonding, online games, chat chut chit, potential Crimson soul-mate for your future projects and more!
  • How to register: https://forms.gle/HPUDN7aUDSNQf82h8 or Scan the QR in the below poster.

We are looking to meeting and getting to know you more this Friday! In the meanwhile, enjoy the heavy rain this afternoon if you are in Saigon!

Best regards,


Christine Nguyen | ECL Operations Support (Vietnam & Regional) | Dual US & UK ECL Mentor

Extracurricular and Leadership Consulting Division

TM +8497.356.9099   | Email c.nguyen@crimsoneducation.org

HCMC, 6th Floor, 97 Ham Nghi, District 1


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Extracurricular Activity

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30 July 2021

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