Jul 22, 2021

Writing Director (2 positions Available, one for our magazine and one for our newsletter)

  • Bizness Program
  • Worldwide


Being a Writing Director will include meetings with the members, brainstorming with them. We are looking for people with strong academics and a good group spirit. The director(s) will need to guide the department members, help them when in need and make sure they don't miss deadlines.

-Leadership skills, since he/she will lead the team
-Good communication skills
-Limited knowledge of newsletters and economics/business magazines

-Spends 2-2,5 hours a month
-Often communication with the founder of BIZNESS to update them                                                                     
-Schedules meetings with the members for pitches, updates etc. -Often communication with the department members
-Oversees all operations of the department
-Often communicates with editors
-Helps its members when needed in matters of writing etc.

One of our goals as Bizness, is to create a fun and friendly work environment for everyone!

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

September 2021

Age Range



There are only 2 positions available so it is indeed quite competitive.

Participation Cost

It is totally free!

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Knowledge of Microsoft Office  and Google Apps.

Time Commitment

2-2,5 hours a month

Application Process Includes

You will fill the application form. After that we will email you with our decision. Then you will have a meeting for further questions and some ice breakers so as to get to know each other and engage. This meeting won't be an interview but it may determine your position.