Feb 27, 2019

SCG Packaging x Wallpaper The Challenge

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  • Thailand
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The SCG Packaging x Wallpaper The Challenge is a chance for new generation designers to shine on the competition stage. The 2017 challenge was a project under the concept of creativity. The best 12 works were selected from over 326 works of students across the country.

The packaging we see in everyday life is important to be assessed. It is not only useful to support packing or transporting products to consumers safely but must also ensuring they are being filled with proper utility or beauty. The other goals are to attract customers and convey the brand identity.

On Saturday, July 1, 2017, at the SCG Multi-Purpose Building, Head Office, Bang Sue, there was the opportunity to participate in the packaging design contest for the final round of the "SCG Packaging x Wallpaper.
Participants must answer the following problems which are posed by real product manufacturers. This includes: packaging design, packaging, display products and packaging for display delivery.

The winner of The Best of The Challenge from each problem will receive a scholarship of 50,000 baht each and travel opportunities to attend Dutch Design Week in the Netherlands. This offers a design experience along with a shield and certificate. As for those who received the lowest score of each problem, they receive a scholarship of 30,000 baht each.

Additionally, the last 24 finalists were also able to participate in a workshop to learn about trend and the packaging design principles that respond to marketing. There was an opportunity for students to visit the packaging production factory and attempt to sell the virtual work in the professional field.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

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The best 12 works were selected from over 326 works of students across the country. Competing with around 300-400 students would set this competition as being relatively competitive.

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No specific technical skills required.

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This event is a one off event per year.

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