Jul 21, 2021

Writer for Bizness' Magazine "Monthly Edition"

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  • Worldwide


Being a writer in Bizness will help you gain experience and knowledge regarding the fields of economics, business and entrepreneurship. One of our missions is to create a fun and friendly work environment for all. Being a writer in Bizness won't only be about writing articles, but about getting to know each other as well as doing fun activities!

Writer for the monthly edition:
-A good level in English and writing skills
-Creative style of writing
-Has some knowledge regarding business and thus can easily express an opinion on issues or general things that are regarded in business

-1-2 hours a month, can write 1 or more articles (the more the merrier!)                                                                 
-Respects the deadline the writer director gives
-Joins the meetings of the department

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

October 2021

Age Range



It is not a highly competitive application. By trying your best in filling the application, chances are you will get the position you want. 

Participation Cost

It is totally free!

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Apps

Time Commitment

1-2 hours a month, can write 1 or more articles (the more the merrier!)     

Application Process Includes

You will fill the application form. After that we will email you with our decision. Then you will have a meeting for further questions and some ice breakers so as to get to know each other and engage. This meeting won't be an interview but it may determine your position.