Jul 16, 2021


  • Anya Agrawal
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Competition Workshop Skill Building


Hello All!

HELIX HACKS is back this year with another Hackathon: HELIX HACKS II.

SIGN UP RIGHT NOW. RIGHT HERE! https://forms.gle/eo8H65UTAQztz5L59

Helix Hacks II is an ONLINE hackathon designed to inspire and empower young coders to pursue and develop their programming skills. Over the course of 30 hours, teams of up to 4 participants will work to develop a software project that helps to solve a real-world problem. 
Remember that you can still participate without prior coding experience! This year, we have MANY new informational workshops and interactive panels planned throughout the entirety of the event. Similar to last year, we will have a variety of different mentors to aid you through your Helix Hacks II experience!  

Sign ups are currently OPEN NOW!! You can sign up and find more information at https://helixycsp.org/. More information will be posted on the website as the hackathon nears! Be sure to follow our instagram and facebook (@helixycsp) for more day to day updates and announcements!

We're so excited to have you back!! Please do not hesitate to email us (or DM us) with any questions you may have! You can find this information on our website!

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

July 30th, 2021

Age Range

13-18 (8th grade - 12th grade)


Our hackathon is suitable for all experience levels. You will compete against people at your skill level and will be provided guidance and workshops based on capability. Almost 30% of our teams go home with a wonderful prize and almost 18 participants get a raffle prize. We also provide all of our participants with many benefits and tokens throughout the hackathon. 

Participation Cost

Nothing, it's absolutely free, and if you win, you can recieve prizes worth up to 100 dollars. 

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

We recommend that to get a better shot at winning, you familiarize yourself with some basics of coding but you don't need any prior experience to attend. We have numerous very well-planned workshops from which you can come, attend, and learn. We still encourage you to attend, even with no prior experience, so that you may become experienced and return in our next hackathon prepared to win. 

Time Commitment

The hackathon will take place July 31st - August 1st. It will pretty much require the entire day, both days. However, the second day will primarily only last till the evening. 

Application Process Includes

Just fill out the application form linked here and look out for informational emails from us: https://forms.gle/FUEdNZ8pTzFfz2Xo6 

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