Jul 12, 2021

WildCats: Startup Competition: #MySummerStartUp $3,000

  • Christine
  • Remote


Challenge Background

What does your world look like today? Ever since COVID-19 struck, we have encountered unending interruptions in our livelihoods; businesses, families, relationships have been affected. In this new normal, it almost feels like we're stuck in the middle. This doesn't have to be the case - why not challenge the process, choose to charge forward and change the world?

Wildcats is all for supporting the generation of change-makers in such unprecedented times - the Gen Wild. As a Gen Wild, you see opportunity in the crisis. Instead of being passive, you desire to be a positive force for change.

This summer, shake it up with that indomitable spirit of yours to meet the needs of others in this new era!

How do you get started?

Be a part of Wildcats' innovative community and create a start-up which brings the best experience to Gen-Z consumers.

What's in it for me?

1. Guided Masterclass with Mentors

You're in for an exclusive Masterclass with professional mentors who are ready to equip you with knowledge on how to create a successful start-up!

2. Supportive community of aspiring and successful entrepreneurs and creators

Interact with our "Gen Wild" community of like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators, who are ready to provide advice, perspectives, and support for your ideas!

3. Attractive prize money, and potential for investment

Stand to win USD$3000 (Regional Winner) or $2000USD (Country Winner) and/or the opportunity for investment in your mind-blowing idea!

Focus Areas:

1. Food and beverage products: connecting them digitally and directly to Gen-Z consumers. Think of Ready To Eat and Drink, Packaged food items you can get at shops or online.

2. Everyday household products: bringing them to the doorstep of Gen-Z consumers. Think of products you use around the home for cleaning, personal hygiene, pets, decorations.

3. Professional, Scalable, Sustainable Fashion. Think of trending fashion wear, be it casual, formal, hiphop, street, gothic, loungewear.


1. We're looking for WILD ideas - ideas which transcend the norm, ideas which spur CHANGE in this new future!

2. We want you to think of a business plan in one of the focus areas. How will you outgrow competition, what are the best ways to market your idea, and most importantly, how will you convince consumers to support your start-up?

3. We love creativity - Go ahead and think of ways your summer start-up can bring people together, to celebrate and have fun!


Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Application Deadline

20 July

Age Range

GenZ (SN 1995 - 2005)