Jul 11, 2021

Taiwan U-Life Assiociation: 學生志工

  • Emily Tan Yi Lyn
  • Taiwan
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership


A group that uses artists to recruit volunteers for the seed team and cultivates humanitarian services in the community!

The Taiwan Quality Life Association has a footprint all over Taiwan. Since its establishment, we have visited and cared more than 10,580 elderly people living alone and in nursing homes, 1,260 vulnerable children, slow children, and Tang babies. It cared about 35,815 people and visited more than 40,590 people as of 2021. Disadvantaged groups participated in our tour of North, Central and South for more than 81 "Love Inheritance" caring concerts

Thank you! Let the Taiwan Quality Life Association have the strength to help people in need in all corners of Taiwan. I look forward to looking forward to 2021 with you, and continue to work together to help more disadvantaged friends, combine every love, improve the disadvantaged corners of society, share love, let warmth infect everyone, and practice the meaning of life value!

As a student, what can I do?

During the winter and summer vacations every year, the association needs student volunteers to join us. Not only can we gain a service learning experience, we can also provide substantial services to disadvantaged elders, experience the joys and hardships of serving the crowd, and enrich ourselves, and encourage students to volunteer Service work.
We provide complete education support services for all volunteer participants. Professional full-time social workers are supervised to ensure that volunteers have a safe, meaningful and memorable volunteer experience. It can also make your vacation very different.

Why choose Taiwan Quality Life Association as a volunteer?

Rich experience: More than 13 years of experience in multiple volunteer experience projects, deeply cultivated in Taiwan.
Flexible and flexible: you can freely choose the start and end dates of the project.
Rich variety: You can choose from diverse and meaningful projects with various exciting activities.
Cultural and creative care: Taiwan’s unique cultural and creative care non-profit organization
hour certificate: It can provide voluntary service hours officially listed by the Social Affairs Bureau of Taipei City Government and related service certificates!

Join us now! Our contact

02-25418098 Senior Director of Social Work Department

Want to enrich the colorful life of your student life? Want to understand the diverse social service ecology? If you have a heart and patience to serve, you may wish to give yourself a chance to enjoy different life experiences during the service process, and you can also use your strength to help disabled friends and the elderly have unforgettable memories and turn lives.
Welcome to join the volunteer team of Taiwan Quality Life Association. We sincerely look forward to your joining!

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