Jul 07, 2021

Open student tech internship/permanent hire positions at major edu-tech firm!

  • Reuben Ler
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Internship Club or Organization Skill Building


Who are we?

Comprich is an international start-up that seeks to make competition participation easier all over the world through a proprietary, simple-to-use network of competitions, and aspiring competition winners. 

We operate via. a simple yet elegant and intuitive website running on highly sophisticated architecture with an emphasis on high functionality

Our results:

- Consists of an international team across 4 continents

- Exclusive team of incredibly talented people (30+ worldwide)

- Tens of thousands of users registered on the platform

- Approximately 100 logins per hour

- 200 users online per hour using the service

- 2000 users every single day

- Reached a critical point where we are engaged by the largest competition organisers in the world, offering to pay us commissions (instead of us going to them)

- At a stage where we are ready to steadily monetise our affiliations

- Recognised by some of the most premier and prestigious institutions (consulting, educational, tertiary, academic etc.) in the world

Who are we looking for?

Two people, just 2:

1. One UI/Web Designer and Developer

- Someone truly capable in BOTH TECHNICAL/FUNCTIONAL & DESIGN-HEAVY ASPECTS of web platforms

- Must understand user psychology/UX (user experience)

- Will be given the huge role as "Head of Web Development" for Comprich@Singapore (our new elite Singapore division) 

- Spearhead all web-related operations/activities for the general organisation

- Point man for all the significant website reforms we have set in motion (expected to boost user rate by at least 50%)

- ***Most importantly, GIVE INSIGHTFUL RECOMMENDATIONS (own input) for optimisation of our website from user perspective AND EXECUTING THESE SUGGESTIONS

2. One Legal Consultant (Compliance Officer)

- Will get intimate exposure to extremely high-level regulatory activities of such a business along with its corresponding activities/revenue model FROM A LEGAL AGENT PERSPECTIVE

- Corporate Structure

- Contract Drafting

- Standards/Policy Enforcement

- Partnerships

- Restructurings

- Terms and Conditions

- Legal Documents

- Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) with external organisations

- Best suited for anyone with dreams about corporate law, business litigation, high-powered attorney careers

- Spearhead the entire corporate finance and legal team for the organisation

Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Application Deadline

15th July 2021

Age Range

15-17 years old


Moderate to high - selection process involves rigorous interviews

We want the most talented and capable people! 

We are seeking people who possess the following:

- Skill

- Drive/Initiative

- Hustle

- Willingness to grind

Participation Cost

Completely free

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Relatively high level

Time Commitment

2-4 hours per week

Application Process Includes

For the legal team:

- email reubenler@gmail.com and siddhanttandon27@gmail.com (in a single email) with your CV/Resume in PDF format (or any equivalent)

For the UI/Web Designer & Development Team,

- email reubenler@gmail.com, siddhanttandon27@gmail.com and Saatvik.s12@gmail.com (in a single email) with a portfolio of all your past projects/work be it freelance or organisation-affiliated designs in PDF format (or any equivalent)