Jul 07, 2021

Speech and Debate course - Team members to build online course

  • Khoa Tran
  • Remote (United Arab Emirates)
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Club or Organization Skill Building


A friend and I recently started building the world’s first online Speech and Debate course, but, we kinda realized it wasn't something we could do on our own 😄.

So far, we’ve got the basic introduction units outlining the basics of Speech and Debate done, but we’d love to work with some people talented in their own individual events-in particular, we need people who're interested in Speech and Debate who’ve competed on the circuit who feel capable to teach others in their event.

All it takes is spending a couple hours with us over the next two weeks, and you can cement the work you've done in this activity not just in time, but in the minds of the next generation of competitors.

We’re looking for people with great leadership, creative and organizational skills that can create content in a fun and engaging way!

So what are you waiting for!

Fill out this form and let's help the future of Speech and Debate thrive.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Age Range


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

You should have knowledge of different types of debate systems (MUN, Congress, Parliament,...)

Application Process Includes

Please apply at this link: https://jwmzb32ji2b.typeform.com/to/ia3lH9WW

Or email: sdsimplified@gmail.com (Ariv Gupta)