Feb 26, 2019

Jazwings Creative Talent Challenge

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JazWings was established on the premise that anyone could create the next breakthrough sensation, and invites creators to submit their ideas for the opportunity to partner with a global toy company to make them real.
The JazWings Creative Talent Challenge is for those with upcoming ideas for a new game, app, film, toy, story book, comics, or animation. JazWings fosters the ability to make these ideas come to life.

There are four-phases in the process:

Phase 1 - Vote: Join the community and present your Idea for everyone to see. Choose a catchy name, decorate it with visuals to grab people's attention, identify what categorie(s) you believe your idea falls under and what you believe your idea could become. Votes will be gathered from fans, family, friends and the JazWings Community. This will show how well your idea is received thanks to the JazWings 5 point Vote rating system. The sooner you hit 100% of the required votes, the sooner you can have the idea reviewed by the JazWings panel.

Phase 2 - Support: Once the panel approves the idea, the process of crowd funding begins. The JazWings Advisors will work with you to create your crowdfunding campaign. JazWings will work on defining it all and even cover all of the up front costs for the creation of the campaign, developing, producing and distributing for the campaign. JazWings will enhance your funds with $5,000 once you reach your crowdfunding goal and you will receive 5% of the Net Revenues generated by the idea.

Phase 3 - Jazwares Products: These ideas are finally turned into reality. The Jazwares team will develop, market, produce and distribute products to be sold at retail and you will get 5% net revenue participation fee.

Phase 4 - JazWings will help chart the flight path for your idea, providing more opportunities for products, licensing and retail partnerships.

If you are approved as a MonsterBrand, participants will receive another Success Bonus, this time $10,000, plus 5% of the Net Revenues from everything JazWings can generate by all the products and applications based on your Idea.


Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




It is relatively competitive because applicants must gain votes in their community and score points out of a 5 point rating system.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Must have a creative interest in developing ideas that will become future products/brands, however no expert technical skills are needed.

Time Commitment


This will vary depending on much time the participant chooses to assign to the project. The efforts include engaging with the JazWings community and building support with family and friends around the idea.

Application Deadline

TBA for 2020

Application Process Includes

An idea must be submitted online through the website.

Each participant must join the community and present their idea for everyone to see. Choose a catchy name, decorate it with visuals to grab people's attention, identify what categorie(s) the idea falls under.