Jun 24, 2021

Virtual Internships Foundations Program for Highschool Students

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Virtual Internships Foundations Program

Virtual Internships Foundations is a program specifically designed to give students 14-18 years old the opportunity for career exploration and professional development remotely. Students will work directly with globally-minded companies to complete projects designed to support the company as well as nurture the professional skills and career management of the student.


4 week Program

Student Type:

9th – 12th grade

Group Ratio:

Project Teams of 4 students

The Virtual Internships Foundations Program is a 4 week program requiring 15-18 hours of commitment from the student per week. The Virtual Internships Foundation Program includes:

  • A part-time project-based internship working in teams of 4 students at an assigned company within the student’s chosen Career Group
  • Weekly Group Meetings with the assigned Internship Facilitator
  • Access to CareerPathways, our online professional development curriculum 
  • End of Program Portfolio highlighting the full program projects completed by the student
  • Supervisor evaluation, Program evaluation and certificate of completion.

Five Benefits of the Foundations Program

1. Career Exploration within a Chosen Career Group

Students are able to select one of five career groups to complete their internship in, working directly with a company to support their business, marketing and professional projects. Our Career Groups were specifically chosen to allow students to gain a broad understanding of various professional paths within their chosen career group to support post-secondary pathways to success.

3. Guided Project Plan

All project teams will work over the four weeks of the program to complete set assigned projects that align with the weekly curriculum. All projects are introduced at the beginning of the week by their assigned Host Company, and given the opportunity for direct feedback from their supervisor. At the end of the program students will be able to articulate four business projects they completed throughout their internship and apply the experience to their resume, future job applications, and their university application.

5. Online Employability Curriculum

Each week students will access an online curriculum that will introduce them to the concepts and fundamentals of their weekly projects and allow them to understand how their projects impact the greater business mission of their host company. The curriculum was dynamically designed to provide the foundations of career exploration and professional development while meeting the needs of the student.


Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

All year round

Age Range

14-18 years old

Time Commitment


4 week Program