Jun 17, 2021

StreetFins Asia Investment Club (Regional Roles)

  • Reuben Ler
  • Remote (Asia)
Club or Organization Skill Building


We're looking for students who are passionate about investing, personal finance, and economics, who want to help the future generation build literacy around these topics.

What is StreetFins?

  • Streetfins is a student founded, led, and run not-for-profit based in California, USA, that aims to promote financial literacy, specifically around investments. We were founded in 2017 starting off as a student run publication site, and then moved into the school finance club space in 2018. Since then, we have helped establish over 20 clubs in the US, 2 in Australia, 1 in Canada and 1 in Singapore.

What do we do?

  • We offer resources to help start your new investing club or to enhance an existing club.
  • Because of the large and fast growing network, we are offering competitions, ability to participate in research and a unique opportunity to publish your work and have real people read it. 

Who should apply?

  • Anybody interested in starting their own investment club or wanting to enhance their current club by benefitting from our network of clubs around the world.
  • Anyone wishing to be part of a team overseeing the rapid expansion of investment and finance clubs

What would your responsibilities be?

  • Running your own investment club
  • If you wish to take on an organisational role:
    • Helping expand the number of StreetFins investment and finance clubs Helping with:
    • Organising guest speakers
      • Organising multi-club competitions (investment competitions, essay competitions, case competitions, etc.)
      • Communication with individual clubs and their members about events happening in the near future
      • General organisational things

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

  • A firm grasp of concepts around investing and the stock market.
  • Ability to use zoom, excel, word, powerpoint and other computer functions to an intermediate level.
  • Email, Linkedin and other forms of outreach communication skills are a plus. 

Time Commitment

No longer than 3 hours per week

Application Process Includes

Email reubenler@gmail.com with a short bio including your age, school year level, any relevant experience you think might be advantageous and also why you would like to join StreetFins.