Jun 16, 2021

Harvard MIT Math Tournament

  • Crimson Education
  • Onsite (within 150 miles) or remote


The major events of each tournament include individual tests, the team round, and the guts round. See testing information for more details.

In addition, the Friday night before each tournament features optional social events, including dinner and ice cream. More information will be provided to competitors closer to the tournament dates.

While the November and February tournaments follow similar formats, they have many important distinctions. Please refer to this page for an overview of the differences and this page for a full description of the tests.

To participate in one of our tournaments, all teams and individuals must submit applications through our online registration workflow. The window for accepting applications is typically around 3 weeks in September/October. No applications will be accepted after the deadline has passed.
After the application deadline, we will run an acceptance lottery. Do not attempt to contact individual members of our organizing team if your application is not selected through the lottery.
Registrations must be submitted by a responsible adult on behalf of teams and individuals in an organization. See How do organizations work? for more details on what constitutes an organization and which ones a student is permitted to compete with. Each organization may be represented only once in our registration system.
Teams are composed of 4-6 students in November and 6-8 students in February. Registration is also available to individual competitors who are unable to meet the minimum team size on their own. Individual competitors will be arranged into teams with other individual competitors during the competition, and are eligible for individual prizes only.

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