Feb 26, 2019

Investigating with Mathematics

  • Crimson Education
  • New South Wales, Australia
Competition Skill Building


Investigating with Mathematics aims to promote interest in mathematics and foster positive attitudes amongst students, teachers and parents. The purpose of the investigation is to explore 'real-life' situations and problems to engage students and teachers in mathematics. It involves students formulating their own questions from a given situation. Investigating with Mathematics tasks meet Working Mathematically syllabus outcomes as well as outcomes in the strands in which the investigation takes place.

All students from Kindergarten to Year 12 in NSW are eligible to enter. There are three entry categories: individual, small group (no more than 5) and whole class. A maximum of 3 investigation entries per category per school may be submitted (i.e. a school may submit a maximum of 3 individual, 3 group and 3 class entries in any year group).

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




May vary depending on school, but "whole class" category allows everyone to participate

Participation Cost


$32 AUD per entry for member schools (with an additional $100 AUD required for non-member schools)

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Competition focuses on in-class maths learning

Time Commitment


Varies depending on whether student is competing in individual, team, or whole class category

Application Deadline

TBA August 2020

Application Process Includes

Teachers register online