Jun 13, 2021

Local Community Activist for The Local Globe

  • The Local Globe
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The Local Globe is an organization dedicated to restoring interest in local news and civic engagement.

If starting initiatives is your jam, why not apply to become a Local Activist? Local Activists are tasked with perceiving issues in their community and acting on them. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other Local Activists living elsewhere: If you each recognize common issues in your communities, you can coordinate initiatives so that they go towards the same cause!

You should receive a message within 24 hours about the next steps to joining our team, so make sure to check the spam folder in your emails if you don't see an email in your main inbox. 

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range


Time Commitment

You'll generally be expected to carry out 5-9 initiatives per year, depending on their scope. 

Application Process Includes