Jun 11, 2021

Your Big Year: Make an Impact Program

  • Emily Tan Yi Lyn
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Workshop Camp Skill Building


At Your Big Year, we envision a world where young people can reach their full capacity and apply their unique capabilities to solving the world’s most pressing challenges.
Our long-term goal is to provide equitable opportunities as we believe anyone can make an impact - big or small.

We meet, support and empower you where you are. Whether you have concrete goals about what you want to accomplish in your life or you’re just starting to ask yourself questions around where you want to go and who you want to become, we can help you figure it out.

Your Big Year is about making an impact in your life and in your world. It’s about that moment in your life that inspires where you go today. And what’s more, if you feel like you don’t have that moment in your life as a catalyst just yet -- we can co-create that with you, and help you develop the skills and equip you with the tools to seize every opportunity that comes your way. We’re here to help you make today truly your big day, this month your big month, and this year your big year.

The Your Big Year Make An Impact Course provides bridging skills from academia to career. Broken into 5 tracks, the course is a virtual and self-paced collection of exercises, reflection points and activities that lead you to build an action plan for your next steps in life. The curriculum teaches the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how you can use your passions, skills and education to build an impactful career and life.

Six times a year, we accept 50 young leaders into a cohort for the course. Applications are currently open.
The course is accessible for 3 months through the Your Big Year HQ app. Your Big Year provides free group coaching sessions once a week to support your progress through the curriculum and youth Ambassadors also host cohort social calls for networking.

Once you are in the Your Big Year impact network, you will learn about other opportunities such as our latest Professional Projects, Town Halls with our CEO and Impact Challenges.

Best of all, you will meet a lot of new friends from all over the globe!

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3 Cohorts for 2021: September/October/November