Jun 10, 2021

VCE Chinese Learning App development - tech part

  • Teen-Aged Youth Organisation
  • Remote
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Skill Building Other Crimson Student - Only


VCE SLA students or any overseas-born students with a Chinese background have some Chinese knowledge that is better than non-Chinese students but not to the same level as native Chinese students. Some of which can understand Chinese but struggle to read in-depth Chinese or write coherently. Currently, no application or website can easily help the students since the definition of words and slangs are mostly in Chinese and translating them through Google translate is inaccurate. 


This app can help many background students who struggle to read the advanced definition in Chinese and cannot find a proper source for translation to easily understand the words, slang or traditional phrases from simple and clear definitions in both English and Chinese, and provide background information to each word. The app will not be limited to rare words only, words that appear in the VCE course must be included along with other words. There should be a usage guide to each word, and if needed, video tutorials will be added to explain some of the words further and provide a scenario.


The initial idea of the app will be focused around VCE preparation for overseas-born students. Hence, the app will first be organized according to the sectors in the VCE study guide and will be a combination of functions such as accurate two language dictionary, user guide and study tool.As the app grows, sectors like Chinese Internet slang, Chinese idioms and jargons can be included for anyone interested in Chinese or people planning to work in China.

Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Application Deadline

10th of July 2021

Age Range


Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Past experience in app development

write codes in flutter and able to connect it to backend

Time Commitment

1-2 hours per week

Application Process Includes

An Application answering the below questions:

- past experience in app development

- why you are interested in this project

- what can you contribute to this project