Feb 25, 2019

AU Mock Trials

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Competition Skill Building


Mock Trial competitions are annual events held by various AU Law Societies (the Law Society of NSW and the Law Societies of Western and Southern Australia both host events). Mock trial competitions allow students to experience the judicial system by providing practical experience into the running of a court case in a true-to-life adversarial setting. Students learn advocacy, debating and problem-solving skills while working with their teammates to build a case and argue as either the prosecution or defense in front of law students and volunteer legal professionals.

Each trial is presided over by a Magistrate (a solicitor or barrister allocated by the Law Society), who awards marks to each team based on a range of criteria, such as opening addresses, closing submissions and cross examinations. The team with the highest mark wins the trial. Regional winners are advanced to the state competition and the winning team is eligible to compete in the International Mock Trial competition.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Teams are formed at the school level, so competitiveness may differ depending on the rigor or popularity of the programme at the student's school

Participation Cost


Each school's team is assessed a registration fee and expected to travel to regional competitions in their area. If the team performs well in the regional competitions, they qualify to compete at the state level and may even qualify to compete at the international level -- all of which would increase the overall cost significantly, though individual student costs will vary depending on school policies.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Students would likely need at least a few months of practice to understand how to confidently present a case, develop argumentation and public speaking skills, etc

Time Commitment


Students will likely need to commit at least a few hours per week to after-school practice and preparation. Time commitment may vary considerably by school.

Application Deadline

Before 25 February

Application Process Includes

Registration form (one per team/school)