May 25, 2021

Continental Mathematics League (covid) (senior) (flexible) (mutliple locations)

  • Crimson Education


You and your students are invited to join us for the 2021-2022 school year. The fun and excitement expressed by students of all grade levels continues to be gratifying. As many of you have mentioned, both mathematical skills and reading skills are improved for students participating at all levels. If you are currently participating in the Continental Mathematics League, we invite you to further your student’s progress in the art of problem-solving by completing the application for the coming year. If you have not yet joined the League, we welcome you to do so and, thus offer your students an unusual opportunity to learn mathematics and enjoy it at the same time. Schools may participate at any one or more of the various grade levels listed below. Additional comments follow the table.

Age Range

2nd-12th grade

Participation Cost