May 25, 2021

American Regions Mathematics League (international) (senior friendly) (multiple locations) (flexible) (covid)

  • Crimson Education


American Regions Mathematics League ARML Local is open to all middle schools, high schools, and home schooling groups. Each school may field one or more teams of six students. We encourage schools near each other to meet up and compete, but the contest can also be done at individual schools. ARML Local, which can be completed in about 2.5 hours (allowing for breaks), has a round structure similar to the main ARML competition, so it is excellent preparation for the main competition at the end of May. The rounds are: Team Round (45 minutes): A set of 15 short answer questions of various types worked together by the entire team. Individual Round (5 pairs, 10 minutes/pair): A set of 10 short answer questions worked on independently by each student. Relay Round (3 rounds, 6/8/10 minutes): If you've done ARML before, you know what this is. However, unlike ARML, each round has a different structure. The first round has each team breaking into three relay squads of two, the second round breaks the team into two relay squads of three, and the final round is a super relay with all six students. Students work on problems, passing answers back to the next person on their squad to use in their solutions. The team scores points only if the last answer the final student passes to the proctor in the time allotted is the correct answer (with more points for correct early submissions). Coaches and/or local contest coordinators will be responsible for grading the papers the day of the contest and submitting team scores via e-mail or at the ARML website. Scores will be compiled from nationwide, and the top teams will receive prizes. The students on the first and second place team will receive $50 and $25 gift certificates (ties will be broken first by total individual round score, then by team round + theme round score, then by random drawing). In addition, all students with the top individual score will participate in a tiebreaker for a $100 gift certificate.

Application Deadline

May 30th - 31st, 2020

Age Range

middle schoolers and high schoolers

Application Process Includes