May 25, 2021

GATSVI Venture Challenge ("GVC")

  • Crimson Education


Consists of purely a business pitch starting with a feasibility pitch; awarded fellowship and summer camp admission; international-friendly. PS: Their summer program isn't well-known yet, but is extremely good. You meet so many startup CEOs and billionaires, and get so many connections. Can do research at Stanford too.


Difficult to get finalist stage, definitely worth it if you do. Hard to get past main pool stage, but easier if your feasibility summary is good and you can carry through with effort.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Requires next to nothing, only progression throughout the competition as an individual or team, finalists mandated to attend the summer camp and may compete at Plug and Play for seed funding

Application Process Includes

Competition at an international level with high barrier of entry; main pool --> semifinalist --> finalist stages; finalists go to summer camp to pitch for seed funding and develop actual legal LLC