May 24, 2021

Transient Workers Count Too (Migrant Workers): Volunteer

  • Emily Tan Yi Lyn
  • Singapore
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Skill Building


TWC2 is a non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to improving conditions for low-wage migrant workers, perhaps the largest group of disadvantaged persons here, numbering about one million out of a total population of nearly six million in this city.

Volunteers are at the heart of the work we do at TWC2. Our fantastic volunteers have helped make a tremendous difference to the lives of migrant workers.  In the light grey tabbed section is a list of our current volunteering opportunities for entry level, listed in alphabetical order.

At TWC2, we have a structured program for those interested in volunteering. It begins with Heartbeat, which is a monthly introductory session for prospective volunteers who are interested in helping TWC2. The online session is led by a senior volunteer who will provide information about the organisation, explain the volunteer roles and answer any questions you may have. All volunteers are required to attend a Heartbeat session before they start volunteering. Please scroll down for more information about Heartbeat.

If you have special skills or ideas about additional ways you could help, please let us know at our Heartbeat session.

TWC2 volunteers are expected to commit for at least three months. We do not have roles for one-time volunteering.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline


Age Range

Minimum 21 years

Time Commitment

Minimum 3 months commitment

Application Process Includes

1. Look at volunteering roles
Have a look at the role descriptions in the application website to see what might suit your interests and availability.  If you have skills and ideas of how to help in a different way then please let us know at Heartbeat.

2. Email us! 
Please email us at to express your interest in volunteering, and we will advise you how to sign up for the next heartbeat session.  TWC2 receives many emails so we request that you put your name in the subject :  “Would like to Volunteer – John Doe.”  This will allow us to better organise our emails.   You will receive an email reply providing you details about the next Heartbeat session.

3. Attend a Heartbeat session online
At the end of the session, if you are still interested in helping out, you can complete an online form in which you provide your contact details and check off the role or roles you are interested in.

4. After Heartbeat: verify your email address
You will receive an email a few days after Heartbeat asking you to verify your email address by clicking a link.

5. After Heartbeat: wait for your username and password
About 24 – 48 hours after verifying your email address, you will get another email providing you with your username and password

6. Log into Bahamas
That email will give you a URL for Bahamas – TWC2’s cloud-based volunteer management system. Once logged in, you will be able to see the training programs available for novice volunteers. Sign up for the training program relevant to your area of interest.

7. Attend training
After you have completed your training, the team leader will open up more of Bahamas for you.

8. Sign up for volunteering events
Once Bahamas has been opened up for you, you will (on logging in again) be able to see a listing of volunteering events. You will be able to sign up for events that suit your time schedule.