Dec 15, 2021

Terra Singapore: iBuildSG Club (Engineering and Architecture)

  • Emily Tan Yi Lyn
  • Singapore
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The iBuildSG Club is a club for students interested in or are curious about Singapore’s Built Environment (BE). The club introduces students to the BE sector through exciting and engaging activities such as learning journeys, workshops, competitions and more! These activities are designed to expose students to different aspects & careers of the BE sector, as well as the industry’s transformation efforts.

Our iBuildSG Club workshops are designed to equip members with the building blocks that form the foundation required for many different professions in the BE sector. Our workshop content incorporates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) concepts and ideas as well as sustainability thinking. Members who join our workshops will takeaway fundamental skills and knowledge on key topics that can be applied in the dynamic BE sector.

Sustainability Workshops
BCA has paved the way towards sustainability with the target of greening at least 80% of buildings in Singapore by 2030. Starting from the planning and building and infrastructure design, to the materials used during construction and even the maintenance of the buildings, sustainability is a key area across the entire sector.

In our sustainability workshops, we will focus on materials; the origins of different materials, their uses in construction and how they are recycled. The workshop aims to equip iBuildSG Club members with problem solving skills, innovation, creativity and sustainability knowledge through the transformation of different materials.

Skills-based Workshops
As we move towards a digital future, skills are key to keeping up with the ever-changing landscape, especially in the BE sector. From smart technology application, technical literacy to on-the-job deliverables like writing scientific reports, these are some of the hard skills these workshops provide.

Each workshop focuses on a particular skill that is relevant in the BE sector and gives the space for participants to develop in them. Through our workshops, iBuildSG Club members will be better prepared to enter the BE workforce.

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