Dec 15, 2021

ReadAble: Start a Literacy Non-Profit

  • Emily Tan Yi Lyn
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ReadAble Singapore is a community of passionate people who believe in beating poverty one word at a time. 

Since January 2014, ReadAble has been running weekly reading and language arts classes for children ages 2 to 15 in a neighbourhood in the Chin Swee area. We started out teaching in children’s homes, but have grown to occupy classrooms in the Residents’ Committee Centre.

We teach a phonics-based curriculum to our earliest readers and deliver a programme which complements the primary school syllabus for those who have mastered the basics of reading. We use drama, movement and play to draw out a love for reading, build self-confidence, and encourage creativity.

ReadAble has built a community library of over a thousand books for our kids to freely access books at every reading level throughout the week. We also organise educational excursions to plays and museums, as well as connect kids’ families with community resources, such as school supply donations and workshops by professional educators. Through our BookDrop project, we set up conducive study spaces and mini-libraries in kids’ homes.

Apart from our classes every Saturday, some volunteers run one-on-one classes with children in their homes across the week forming deep relationships with families. We also started a class teaching the predominantly migrant mothers of our students, functional English to navigate life in Singapore.

ReadAble is ReadAble's outreach and training arm. It supports other non-profit organizations and social justice initiatives, in particular other literacy-focused organizations in Singapore. We also work with community literacy groups overseas.

We'd also love to see communities like ReadAble in other neighborhoods. If you’re interested in setting up your own literacy initiative, we are happy to support you through our ReadyAble arm.

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