Feb 25, 2019

Academic Preparation (MedView Prep Courses)

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Medview is Australasia’s largest and leading personalized education organisation, helping students from all backgrounds gain entry into medical schools across Australia and New Zealand.

Medview is the only medicine entry prep provider that is run and operated by Medical Students, Doctors and Academic Staff from Medical Schools all Australasia. Over 10 years, MedView is the #1 most trusted and recommended provider for students wanting to get into medicine.

The medical school interview is an extremely important component of the admission process and often determines acceptance. It is very important for the interview to develop the right skills and knowledge by preparing sufficiently. At MedView, the interview team is completely qualified medical students, doctors and former interview staff at the medical schools you are interested in applying for. These helpful members have knowledge of the entire interview process, from the range of questions that will be asked, the exact process and how the interviewers will assess you.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Not overly competitive because students are able to book consultations (depending on availability) with consultants.

Participation Cost


Price will vary depending on the student.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


You don't need technical skills but you do need to be enrolled in the university of your choice.

Time Commitment


MedView consultations will range depending on the student's preference. This could be 1 hour every week or only 1 session.

Application Process Includes

Booking a consultation with a MedView member.