May 13, 2021

The Brown Leadership Institute

  • Crimson Education
  • Providence, RI 02912, USA


The Leadership Institute consists of three foundational elements: academic content, leadership development, and the Action Plan. You will work with outstanding faculty, undergraduates, and peers in a highly immersive and interactive program. In each course, you will focus intensely on an academic topic such as science, international issues, development, global health, or social entrepreneurship. It is in the context of exploring and understanding these areas that you will also develop your leadership skills.

Age Range

Eligibility: For students completing grades 9-12, ages 15-18 by June 2018

Participation Cost

Fees: $4,391

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Essay on: what you hope to learn in the program to which you are applying; why this is of interest to you; what contributions you hope to make; and any further information you want to convey to us. Application Fee (payable securely by credit card within the Student Portal) Before 3/2/2018: $50 3/2/2018 to 4/27/2018: $75 4/30/2018 and after: $100 Transcript that contains grades for current academic term and at least TWO previous academic years. Transcript submissions must include an explanation of the scoring system in English. Applicants will upload their transcript in the applicant portal after they have submitted their application form.

Time Commitment

2 weeks

Application Process Includes

Two-Week Residential Sessions: June 24 - July 6, 2018 July 8 - July 20, 2018 July 22 - Aug 3, 2018