Feb 25, 2019

Voice VIC

  • Crimson Education
  • Australia
Competition Skill Building


Run by UN Youth Australia, Voice Victoria is a unique public speaking competition for students in years 7-10. Voice invites participants to solve issues that affect the community, nation, and world. From homelessness to climate change, students pitch solutions to complex problems, and develop a sense of empathy as we work towards a better world together.

The competition is split into Junior and Senior Divisions. Each participant must give a pitch speech, where they outline a tangible solution to a given world problem (4 or 5 minutes), and then complete Question Time, where they answer the judges' two questions on the proposed solution (2 minutes).

The educational outcomes for students participating in Voice are extensive and invaluable. The unique structure of this competition facilitates the development of critical reasoning and problem-solving skills, independent formulation of ideas, self-monitored research habits, and more. The ability to speak in front of an audience with poise and passion is a crucial skill in the 21st Century not only for education but also to be successful in the workforce. Thus, UN Voice is a fantastic co-curricular activity to further student learning. In addition, students learn that their voices really can make a difference in the world around them.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Participants are selected to go through the rounds, culminating in the grand final

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

No technical skills required

Time Commitment

The competition runs in Terms 3 and 4.

Application Deadline

TBA for 2020

Application Process Includes

An expression of interest and application form