May 13, 2021

Summer Science Program

  • Crimson Education
  • Boulder, CO 80309, USA


A 39-day residential enrichment program designed to challenge highly gifted high school students (rising seniors) from around the world and provides immersion into hands on research. SSP is not coursework; the material taught overlaps parts of several traditional courses in calculus, physics, astronomy, and programming. Classroom time is for developing an understanding of experimental science in general and orbit determination in particular.

Age Range

11 grade (attend in 12 grade)



Participation Cost

$4,700 is all-inclusive except for transportation. Has aid

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Official transcript Test Scores 2/3 teacher evaluations Short answers

Time Commitment

5 weeks

Application Process Includes

Application deadline 2016: Feb. 5 for applicants attending school outside the U.S. Program dates: June 19 – July 27 New Mexico Tech campus June 26 – Aug. 3 Univ. of Colorado campus