May 13, 2021

High School Immersion Entrepreneurship

  • Crimson Education
  • Berkeley, CA, USA


Great ideas are everywhere. Yet, great businesses built on top of great ideas are far more rare. B-BAY, a proven business program for youth, lets you experience the powerful combination of great ideas and great business sense by developing a business idea and creating your team's business plan–all in just two weeks.

Participation Cost

Domestic Residential $5,500 International Residential $6,500 A Room Key deposit of $75** is required at orientation ** Deposit will be returned when key and fab are returned at checkout

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

International students who are proficient in English are welcome to apply to the program. A member of the B-BAY Admissions Committee will interview you to determine your level of English proficiency. International students requiring a visa to the US must apply by (April 15, 2018).

Time Commitment

Program Dates: July 21 - August 4, 2018 Application Deadlines - Entrepreneurship session: April 30, 2018