Feb 25, 2019

Auckland Schools Debating Seasonal Championship

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Competition Skill Building


The Auckland Schools Debating committee is the largest secondary school debating competition in the country. The Seasonal Championship is a one-day school debating competition held in March.

Competing in debating is a great way for students to gain valuable communication, teamwork, and logical thinking skills while meeting new people from across the country. Students compete in teams of three and take either the affirmative or the negative side of a topic. Two teams debate the given topic through a series of speeches where each team presents their own arguments and rebuts their opponent's arguments. At the end of the round, judges choose a winner.

Students who want to participate should join their school's team.

For more information visit the official website here

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Open to anyone, but will vary by grade

Participation Cost


Junior Open - $45/team
Senior Open - $45/team
Advanced Open - $100/team
Premier Junior - $100/team
Premier Advanced - $100/team

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Open to beginners

Time Commitment


One-day event

Application Deadline

Deadline varies according to specific rounds

Application Process Includes

Online form