Apr 05, 2021

Catalyst - An upcoming global mentorship organization you can be a part of!

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Catalyst is a mentorship organization for passionate economics students who wish to learn more about economics/business from college mentors. Any high school mentee will be able to log onto a website, wherein they can book sessions with these college mentors depending on their availability.

Conversations can be about academics, internship advice, subject-related discussions, book recommendations, and ongoing projects. The platform will also have other features such as blogs, and community features for the mentees and mentors to participate in which would greatly benefit the Gen Z population. As of now, we will focus on Economics and Business but we aim to expand in other academic branches as well such as medicine, law, and more!

Catalyst is hiring at the moment and is looking for adept students who can get the organization off the ground. Our divisions will consist of Marketing, Administrative, and Graphic Design*. I'm also looking for a General Manager who will oversee all these departments alongside me. Please do let me know if you would be interested in applying for any of these positions!

*See all job descriptions below

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



Moderate - We are hiring via numerous platforms but we are open to any number of applications at the moment :)

Participation Cost

Catalyst is a non-profit so everything is free of charge!

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Marketing Team: ( 3 positions available)

Should possess knowledge in business, economics, or finance and should be able to implement various marketing strategies over time

Administrative/Communications Team: ( 2 positions available)

Works with newsletters, emails, and other communications. They should have basic excel knowledge as they will sort out other logistical requirements for the organizations

Graphic Design Team: (2 positions available) 

Involved with Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin so they should be well versed in creating online posters and posts for the social media pages. 

Time Commitment

2-3 hours per week

Application Process Includes

Just send an email to harsha.bharadwaaj@gmail.com with your name, and the position you are interested in applying for.

We can then schedule an interview at a time convenient for both of us!