Mar 27, 2021

Virtual Film Club

  • Kirill
  • Remote
Workshop Club or Organization


A virtual writer's room for future screenwriters and filmmakers. The aim of this club is to help young and aspiring screenwriters develop their craft through cooperation with fellow screenwriters in online sessions. In this club we will give feedback on each other's work, discuss films and come up with stories together. This club should place each of us in an environment where we will feel motivated and encouraged to share thoughts and ideas as well as use our knowledge and experience to help each other perfect our skills and understanding. Networking is vital in this industry and therefore by engaging with people who have similar goals to us, we will be able to create meaningful connections with similar-minded individuals.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range


Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Having a very basic knowledge of the film industry and screenwriting will be helpful.

Time Commitment

We will meet for half an hour long sessions every 2 weeks.

Application Process Includes

If you're interested in this, please email me at (please provide your phone number and country of residence).