Mar 26, 2021

The Local Globe Board Member Positions Available

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The Local Globe's mission is to revive local news and connect globally through sharing small but powerful stories. We are a network of leaders, writers, and activists who write and share stories with a local perspective and act on our findings by kick-starting initiatives. 

Apply today to be part of The Local Globe's mission. 

Available Positions:



Head of Communications

Head of Newsletters

Type of Opportunity

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Minimum Technical Skill Needed

All Board members must have access to a functioning device that they can join virtual team meetings on. The Local Globe communicates via Slack, so all members should be able to download the app.

Application Process Includes

1) Read the role descriptions on our website. 

2) Fill out the Google Form below the descriptions to apply for board membership. 

3) Check your email for the next steps to get set up in your position.