Feb 14, 2021

Internship @ Boost NXT

  • Ibrahim Sait
  • Remote
Internship Workshop Certification


Hello everyone!

I’m calling anyone interested in Business, Economics, Finance, Management Consulting, or any related field to join Boost NXT!

At Boost NXT, we are aiming to prepare the next generation to be consultants. By consultants, we mean excellent Problem Solvers, Analysts, Communicators and much more. These exact skills are needed in any field you would want to go into in the near future. 

We have weekly sessions with an Ex-KPMG Director where we will deep dive into a case study and solve it together. While doing so, we will test and develop every participant’s problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills. 

Prepare yourself to be super employable in the future!

Join Boost NXT.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

No specific deadline.

Age Range


Participation Cost

This program is costs GBP 20 or GBP200, please email for more information.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Boost NXT is a fairly basic program, no high level of knowledge needed. 

Anyone can join!

Time Commitment

We have a weekly 2-3 hour session on the case study. We expect participants to attend at least 75% of the sessions to be an active member of the Boost NXT program.

Application Process Includes

Please Whatsapp +971525683437 or email ibrahim.imtiaz@student.cga.school to enrol into the Boost NXT program. 

Thank you!