Feb 25, 2019

School or Local Radio Station

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Skill Building


Joining your school's or a local radio station is a great extracurricular activity for students looking to gain tangible communications and media experience outside of their school work. As a radio host, students may have the opportunity to host their own talk show about various topics such as politics, local news, sports, and many more. Students not only get to speak on the radio; they also have a chance to have a voice at their school or local community.

This can be a great opportunity for students to discover if they want to pursue a career in communications while developing their own communication skills by learning from more experienced radio hosts.

To join, get in contact with your school's or a local radio station to ask if they have an opening for new radio hosts.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Non-competitive participation.

Participation Cost


No costs

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Likely no radio experience/skills required

Time Commitment


1-3 hrs/wk

Application Deadline


Application Process Includes

Typically, application and interview.