Apr 21, 2021

Leadership Committee of International Youth Law Conference 2022

  • Jenna Jokhani
  • Remote (Worldwide (Virtual))
Workshop Club or Organization Skill Building


International Youth Law Conference 2022

Website of last years conference

Short Information Blurb:

The International Youth Law Conference will be held via zoom (dates to be determined). On the first day, the conference will be hosting various legal workshops hosted by both students and legal professionals on different legal topics (to be announced later). The second day of the conference will be a mock trial competition as well as discussion events that will be decided upon that is organized by the leadership committee and the conference planners. 

Leadership Committee Roles:

By being a part of the leadership committee you will be responsible for planning as well as advertising for this conference in order to make it a successful experience for everyone. 

Although these leadership roles have a lot of responsibilities, you will have the chance to see all the behind-the-scenes but are able to help construct, generate ideas, and create a law conference for students all around the world.

Please read down below for information about the following roles.

Executive Producers: 

Responsibilities include: working with the conference planners to make sure everything is set up smoothly, being in charge of the zoom, 

Should be comfortable with: communication and technology (programs like zoom, running, and editing websites)


Responsibilities include: reaching out to potential sponsors, contacting potential speakers, and deciding the final speaker lineup.

Should be comfortable with: collaboration and writing emails (with formal vocabulary and proper grammar)

Media and Design: 

Responsibilities include: creating potential merchandise (including apparel, mugs, etc) as well as 

illustrating promotional material (posts and banners for social media). 

Should be comfortable with: graphic design (programs such as canva - would be great if you knew places to print merchandise)

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

January 29th, 2022

Age Range



There is no competitiveness, we are looking for as many individuals to apply as possible to choose from, there are already some individuals who have signed up meaning there are more people wanting the spot for the same role. However, it is very encouraged that you take a chance and sign up, you will get a chance to plan a conference and gain skills that you may never have before especially in a pandemic like occasion.

Participation Cost

No cost.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Listed above in the description of the event and the roles 

Time Commitment

If you do get this role, there is a lot of time that needs to be committed into working on this project, we will be meeting for at least an hour a week (probably through zoom on the weekends) and meeting very often during the weeks leading up to the conference to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Application Process Includes

Filling out the application form. The form asks for basic information as well as a couple of written responses such as:

1. Why are you interested in applying for the IYLC leadership team? 

2. Why do you think you'll be a great fit for the role that you are applying for? 

3. What are some ideas that you think should be included in the conference?

4. Plus specific questions/ requirements corresponding to each position