Dec 30, 2020

Grise for Aphasia

  • Grise for Aphasia
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Competition Workshop Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Research Opportunity Club or Organization Skill Building


(Positions open for General Lead Team & Video Project Team!)

A STEM organization that recognizes the lack of knowledge and attention regarding aphasia - a language disorder caused by neurological damage that affects speech production.

We are spreading awareness for aphasia and aiming to encourage others to take action! Currently, our team has the following projects to accomplish this (will definitely have other events and branch out!):

Grise has teams work together to research and create videos for largely two audiences:

1) Assisting aphasia patients' needs in partnership with clinicians and aphasia organizations. This way, the videos we make can pertain to the specific needs of patients, which our partners will be knowledgeable of to give a rough framework to base our work on. This may include navigating Zoom events, speech practices, or anything else that you find helpful!

2) Educational and informative videos for students and the general public. This is more for teaching others about aphasia and biology topics. These are more directed towards raising awareness to reduce the stigma surrounding aphasia, encouraging people to speak up and take action to help aphasia patients, and to join Grise! We hope to partner with schools and their science departments for this too!

3) We also want to address the lack of social interaction in the aphasia population by hosting friendly calls and events with those with aphasia. This can also be done in partnership with aphasia organizations or similar groups of people.


Open Positions (can apply to more than one)

General Lead Team:

  • Outreach Director
  • Social Media Manager
  • Blog Writer and Editor
  • Chapter President

STEM Video Production Team:

  • STEM Script Writer & Researcher
  • Cast & Recording
  • Video Editor
  • Animator
  • Music Producer


For more details, please refer to our Linktree:

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range


Participation Cost

Free of charge.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Beneficial to have some knowledge in aphasia, STEM, and/or biology, but not necessarily required!

Leadership skills and can maintain good communication with teams.

Time Commitment

Definitely willing to discuss more one-on-one, but a rough minimum of 3 hours.

Application Deadline

Rolling basis

Application Process Includes

  • Fill out the Google Form(s) on our Linktree
    • You may apply to more than one position if you're able to contribute!
  • Email
    • Send an email that mentions that you have applied to (a) position(s). Optional, but encouraged!
    • Résumé/CV: Optional, but encouraged!
  • Join our Slack (for everyone, even if you're not on the team yet!)
    • If you aren't able to join right now, just let me know in an email and we can work it out afterward