Dec 26, 2020

The Youth Lead has leadership positions available!

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Greetings, are you a passionate literary student? Do you wish to learn more about social justice? Political science? History? Or do you want to observe famous literature novels through a political science lens? Would you like an opportunity not only to learn but to help educate others along the way? If so, then The Youth Lead is perfect for you!

The Youth Lead is a student-led organization that advocates for global reform on topics such as human rights, the UN sustainable goals, ethnocentrism, and more! Now more than ever, it is critical to understand what is happening globally and how we can help each other. Additionally, we look at how political science influences a novel's message.

To educate others, we use a variety of ways to connect to everyone on the internet. On our website, the viewer is provided with short animated videos, a forum section to discuss with others, and a blog section. On our Instagram, users will see similar topics posted with minimal words and eminent visuals. 

From time-to-time, we will be bringing in some scholastic guest speakers within these fields to address issues observed in society.

The Youth Lead is looking for enthusiastic students who are willing to join us! There are multiple positions open—including executive roles! First, please look at the document here to read each position's overview and responsibilities to ensure you are qualified for the role. Then, head on over to the application form to apply! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


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