Dec 14, 2020

EcoTerre: fight global hunger through hydroponics

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Internship Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Other Crimson Student - Only


Ecoterre Ecoterre is a UAE based student run club that aims to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Hunger. We are looking to promote sustainability in the field of agriculture production by involving the public. Our initial focus of action will be on labour accommodations, by creating a nexus between Ecoterre and the corporate sector.

We aim to educate and empower the people to grow their own food using sustainable methods. Our goal is to create awareness among workers on hi-tech soil-less farming methods, like hydroponics, aquaponics etc. to grow fresh and nutritious vegetables continuously thus combating malnutrition among workers.

Type of Opportunity : Extracurricular/Charity/leadership

Age range : 12 and above

Time commitment : 2 - 5 hours/ week

Positions for the EcoWarriors -

→ Head of Communications You will be responsible for the presence of Ecoterre in the Social network and the cyber world The main tasks will include :
Creating and maintaining the website. In charge of creating a positive presence of the club and its activities on social media accounts. In charge of how Ecoterre is presented to blogs and vlogs

→ Chief Marketing Officer To identify various channels or platforms to promote the campaign across various platforms. Secure associations with various companies for possible partnerships Tie up with with various companies for the possible charities/ donations Finding ways to promote the idea of Ecoterre among companies and students
→ Head of event management In charge of the event/ training programs at the labour accommodations. In charge of actual installation of the hydroponic kits at the premises. → EcoWarriors The EcoWarriors are the real strength of Ecoterre. They can choose various departments to work in.


Those interested can contact Prathyusha at

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

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