Feb 25, 2019

Spirit of Adventure NZ

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The Spirit of Adventure Trust is a not-for-profit organisation empowering young New Zealanders to reach their full potential through the challenge of the sea. Set up in 1972 by Lou Fisher, who had a vision to empower the youth of New Zealand, the Trust has gained and maintained a reputation in New Zealand as a highly respected youth development organisation providing a unique environment for youth development, where the focus of learning is on team-work, developing skills of communication, self-reliance, self-discipline, self-esteem, resilience, confidence and leadership. Learning to sail a tall ship is only a small part of the programmes offered.

They have taken tens of thousands of young New Zealanders to sea on voyages of personal discovery on board our tall ship, Spirit of New Zealand. Although they are described as a sail training organisation, their main objective is to develop positive qualities in young people. Today, Spirit of New Zealand is believed to be the world’s busiest youth ship, sailing around ten months of the year. The Trust owns and operates the tall ship Spirit of New Zealand and runs it's world renowned youth development programme on board.

The trust hosts two programmes: the 10-Day Development Voyages (16-18 year olds) and the 5-Day Spirit Trophy Voyages (for year 10 students). The 10-day Development programme is a 10-day voyage where a group of 40 young people from all over New Zealand aged 16-18 years come together for the learning adventure of a lifetime. The 5-Day Spirit Trophy programme includes teams of Year 10 students sent from schools from around the country (10 from each school plus a teacher) to compete against three other schools for the change to win the Spirit trophy. As team participants, students will enjoy a learning experience like no other that guarantees challenge, adventure, creativity and reward.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Per programme, there are 22-25 voyages a year, and only 40 spaces available per voyage. Spaces are limited, so can be competitive depending on the number of applications received.

Participation Cost


The fee for a 10-day youth development voyage is $1200 USD including a travel subsidy for those living more than 150km away from the ship.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


There are no technical skills that are required to be an eligible participant.

Time Commitment


Depending on the voyage taken, the programme lasts from 5-10 days.

Application Deadline

The application deadlines vary depending on the voyage selected. Applications are currently open for voyages that take place from February 2019 through to March 2020.

Application Process Includes

Eligible students may book online by selecting the voyage that suits and filling in their details. The Trust will process the booking and send a confirmation email with the next steps. The Spirit of Adventure also works closely with schools from across New Zealand and reserve spaces on specific voyages for them each year. The number of places and dates vary between each school, so talk to your school’s Spirit Coordinator to discuss the options.