Feb 25, 2019

NCSS Challenge

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The NCSS Challenge is a programming competition open to all school students and teachers. The Grok Learning team have been running coding competitions like the challenge for over 12 years. The NCSS Challenge is unlike any other programming competition - participants are taught how to program as you go along, rather than expecting you to be an expert already. If you’re a seasoned coder, they have something for you too – the problems range from relatively simple to mind-bendingly hard.

Starting on Monday 27th July, 2020 and running for about 5 weeks, the Grok Learning team will release notes and problems containing the information you will need to complete the week's programming challenges. Learning to code - or Programming is how sites like Facebook and apps like Instagram are made. Knowing how to program is like having a computing super power. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have all said that students should learn how to code. It’s a skill that not only teaches you how to work with computers, but also teaches you how to think about solving problems with systems.

The NCSS Challenge teaches students to code in Python 3.6. Python is an easy to learn scripting language used for many different purposes such as web applications and scientific research. Companies like Google, Facebook and Reddit all use Python in their infrastructure and web services. This challenge offers young students a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop their coding skills - a basic literacy in the digital age, and therefore preparing them for the future.

For more information please visit the official website here

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




This challenge is open to all students, worldwide.

Participation Cost


Primary Students: All NCSS Challenge streams + other Grok courses and competitions
$3.30 USD / year per student.

Secondary Students: All NCSS Challenge streams + other Grok courses and competitions
$20.00 USD / year, per student.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


As there are different levels of the challenge which students may participate in, ranging from "Newbies" (which requires no previous experience in coding at all) to "Intermediate" (for students who are more experienced in coding), the level of technical skills required to participate depends on the individual.

Time Commitment


The amount of time committed to this challenge is at the discretion of the participant. There are a number of projects and competitions running many times throughout each year which students have the opportunity to participate in.

Application Deadline

Deadline passed

Application Process Includes

Teachers must sign up their class online - students will then receive a subscription which allows them to access the NCSS Challenge website.