Sep 19, 2020

Annual original Japanese Kanji competition for high school and middle school students

  • Original Kanji Coorporation
  • Remote (Worldwide)


Japanese Kanji is ART that consists of various parts representing subjects/meaning.

Let's share your original Kanji with us!

This year's theme of original Kanji is "FUN" (Tanoshii).

The contest opens to all students who study Japanese in 6-12th grades.

Grand prize: $100 cash prizes for each division (Junior 6-8th, Senior 9th-12th grades)

Sponsor awards: $50 cash prizes for each division

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range


Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

All level of Japanese learners in school or out of school can participate.

Time Commitment

Within 1 hour

Application Deadline


Application Process Includes

How to apply:

1. Design your original Kanji that fit to this year's theme, and prepare the drawing in a PDF or JPG file (under 1 MB). Check our website for examples and tips for making your original Kanji.


2. Go to submission form page below, upload file and fill the information to the google form linked found in our website.



Send email to

Only one entry per person please!

Winners will be notified via email in January 2020.